Water Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the major excursions which promote eco-tourism. Goa is situated in the south western part of India in the Western Ghats, it is popularly known as the Konkan region. The region is beautiful as it is adorned with hills full of greenery and of course the Arabian Sea touching the land ends. Everything about Goa and the places surrounding it are beautiful. The watersports which are offered in Goa attract thousands of people from around the world and serve as one of the major attraction for tourists. Toursofgoa.com offers this kayak excursion which is amazing. Children above the age of 12 are allowed.

The water kayaking trip includes kayaking, life jackets, instructor and pick and drop facility. The instructor will instruct you all everything about kayaks and kayaking and he will also acquaint you with the backwaters you will be kayaking through. The instructors will also instruct you about the activity and how to go about it. He will accompany you. You will be having fun for around 2 hours in the backwaters of Goa surrounded by mangroves. Goa kayaking is a fun activity offered by toursofgoa.com.

In kayaking, you not only have fun but you also maintain the natural ecosystems. The instructor will strongly ask you not to harm anything like not to touch the plants, orchids, flowers and they discourage smoking too. Goa believes in maintaining a strong ecological balance. They really appreciate if tourists cooperate. You will be completely amidst the wondrous nature where you will only find mangroves, backwaters, mudflats and mini bays. Toursofgoa.com provides all the equipment needed for the activity like kayaks, paddles, lifejackets, etc. Goa kayaking adventure is something that should be experienced by everyone traveling to Goa as it not only gives you an experience of lifetime but leaves you with a mind full of peace.

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Trip TypeWater Sports
DestinationNorth Goa
IncludesInstructor, Kayaking Equipments, Life Jackets, Pickup and Drop
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